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Sterling vs Nickel

Everything related to the craft of making custom cowboy gear. And a few other gadgets.

Sterling vs Nickel

Postby smashed thumb » Tue Mar 10, 2015 8:01 pm

This is not a bit or spur topic but I'm building a metal bed, Native American inspired, calling it the Teepee bed. I plan to set some large Turquoise cabs on "silver" and attaching to the bed and a lot of soldering to boot. I'm wondering how some of you feel about the difference between Sterling and Nickel, aside from the price, which I know is a lot. How the two differ in working? Soldering? Polishing? I don't want to cheap out but it will be a high end piece. I understand the reason for using Sterling on a piece that goes next to skin but not sure about this. Also, does any one know of a good silver smithing school? Possibly in the Midwest?
Thanks for any input.
smashed thumb
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